Deluxe Food Journal & Exercise Tracker: 12 weeks to a happier and healthier you

Deluxe Food Journal & Exercise Tracker: 12 weeks to a happier and healthier you

By using the Deluxe Food Journal & Exercise Tracker, you will double your chances of losing weight and improving your health.

A study of 1,700 participants by Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research, Portland concluded "keeping a food diary can double a person's weight loss".

By taking action and tracking what you eat, you can boost your New Year's healthy resolutions and reinvigorate your health and weight loss and feel amazing all year.

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The Deluxe Weight Loss Journal has everything that you need, from motivation and changing your mindset to being easy to use. This journal has been designed, tested and approved by people like you, who want to lose weight, but need that little bit of extra motivation and want a beautiful tool which is fit for the job.

Use the simple but effective 4 step method to create lasting change in your health habits, ensuring after 90 days you have not just achieved your goals, but you remain motivated and enjoy the process.

Track 90 days to reinforce the positive changes in your life.
Record all your key measurements including specific weight loss tools; ketone levels (if you are on a keto diet) and intermittent fasting windows.

Make your weight loss journey easier, faster and more effective with invaluable guides on how to use the '5-second rule' to overcome a lack of willpower, know the best day to start a diet (backed by science) and more.

Boost your chances of success further using the science of motivation, with goal setting, weekly reviews, motivational quotes and more.

Reinforce your 'positive feedback loop' with visual results charts. See your progress and take greater action toward your goals.

Buy the deluxe journal today and achieve your health goals as well as creating lasting positive habitual changes.