Intermittent Fasting Secrets 2 In 1: How To Lose Belly Fat And Keep It Off If You've Struggled With Yo-Yo Dieting Your Whole Life

Intermittent Fasting Secrets 2 In 1: How To Lose Belly Fat And Keep It Off If You've Struggled With Yo-Yo Dieting Your Whole Life

Have you tried all of the diets out there and either keep gaining back the extra weight or don't lose it in the first place?

Are you tired of the false promises of what will give you a healthy and happy lifestyle?

Or are you done with counting calories and feeling the guilt of what you ate all day?

If any of these questions resonated with you, this guide can help you.

Go to any store, and you are bombarded with books and magazines claiming they have the one solution to losing weight and having a healthy, satisfying life. This guide goes beyond these false promises. In reality, there is no magic solution that works for every person. But intermittent fasting (IF), and the 16/8 method, is quickly becoming the solution for many. But did you know that women and men find success with IF differently?

Women have different hormonal, caloric, and metabolic needs than men, so altering caloric intake needs to be treated accordingly. By tailoring it to your body, IF is helping tons of people lose weight and burn fat. In 2014, Mark P. Mattson published "Challenging Oneself Intermittently to Improve Health" in Dose-Response, studying the evolutionary history of IF through scientific research regarding hunter and gatherer behaviors. His research reveals how intermittent fasting was naturally part of the lifestyle of early humans, and how humans today can re- adapt to this mode of eating.

With this guide, you will discover:

  • The scientifically proven tool to losing those extra pounds, even if you have been working at it for years with many other diets!
  • Exactly what intermittent fasting and the 16/8 method are, and how it's different from other weight loss programs out there
  • 6 essential eating hacks that will speed up your weight loss to achieve your ideal healthy body!
  • Style solution for your celebrity crushes, and how you can find success too

Fasting is not starvation, and you do not need to feel miserable to be healthy.By understanding the science behind intermittent fasting and the 16/8 method, you will not only be able to stick with this plan longer, but you will see and feel results more quickly.This complete guide will give you the strategies to succeed.

Are you ready to quit trying new diets and exercise classes, and use intermittent fasting to live your healthiest lifestyle? If so, click "Add to Cart" and start today!