The Keto Effect for Women: Stop Sugar Cravings, Reset Your Hormones, and Lose Fat Fast with the Ketogenic Diet

The Keto Effect for Women: Stop Sugar Cravings, Reset Your Hormones, and Lose Fat Fast with the Ketogenic Diet

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How many times have you failed a diet  in the past? Are you feeling hopeless and stuck trying to lose weight? Do you feel like your defined by your weight? You need to click here

I want to tell you about a client of mine.  Growing up she was always a slim girl, she was a cheer leader in high school and never had any problems with her weight.

At 19 she met a guy who she fell head over heels for although he always had a problem with other guys looking at her, he was an extremely jealous person and took it out on her. He wanted her to put on some weight, it seemed to him that it would solve his worry of another guy coming in a steeling her away. As the emotional abuse continued she began to give him what he wanted, she started eating more and as a result her body slowly began to change.

Along with the weight gain came an addiction to sugar, carbs and fast food, all of the things she stayed away from as a cheer leader. As time went by her confidence nose dived and ended up with depression which led to more eating and a greater addiction to food.. Her partner got his wish, guys stopped looking at her, unfortunately so did he. Her eating got out of control and so did the weight. He ended up leaving her and 4 years later she stood in front of me a broken 130kg woman with depression and zero confidence.

She tried diet after diet to lose weight but was never able to sustain these low calorie diets, she was left feeling hungry and tired all of the time not to mention she barely lost any weight from it due to her metabolism and hormones being completely messed up.

I told her about the Keto diet and she decided to give it a go with not much confidence that it was going to work because she had failed so many other attempts to get her body back. I spent the next 3 months training her while she followed a Keto lifestyle. Fast forward 7 months and she had lost 55lb of fat. She then decided to go at it alone and continued to lose another 20lb on her own to completely transform her body. Her confidence was back, she had increased energy and due to the effects of the Keto Diet her carb cravings were gone and she was able to eat at a caloric deficit with ease without feeling hungry constantly throughout the day.

If you have been on the diet train for years with no results then its time for that to change. Even if you have failed time after time at losing weight I guarantee you the Ketogenic diet is your answer. Putting your body into ketosis is fail proof.

In this book your going to learn 
-    How to start the diet safely specifically as a female
-    How to completely cut out sugar and carb cravings, you won’t miss them
-    The number one mistake everybody makes on keto (male or female) that leads to failure within 3     Days, it’s such an easy fix
-    The 1 effect of the Ketogenic diet that leads to the reduction of menopausal symptoms 
-    The most important hormone woman have to their overall health and how to implement Keto to keep it in balance.
-    A free e-book on building a bulletproof mindset before you begin with a guide to eating out on keto. That’s right you can still eat out.
-    Access to my private Facebook community where you will have full access to me to help you along the way ( I am a real personal trainer who has got many clients real results, I know my stuff)

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