The Ketogenic Diet for Beginners and  Bodybuilders: A Complete Guide to the World of Keto Dieting (Ketogenic Dieting)

The Ketogenic Diet for Beginners and Bodybuilders: A Complete Guide to the World of Keto Dieting (Ketogenic Dieting)

Are you looking for a diet that’s not just a fad and actually works? Are you looking for a diet with great food you can actually eat? Are you a bodybuilder in need of a diet you can use even as a professional competitor? The ketogenic diet is more popular than ever, leading people to wonder if it is just another fad or if it is even healthy. In this book, you will learn about the numerous health benefits of the ketogenic diet. You will learn about any possible risks, and how to avoid them. The goal of keto is health and well-being. Learn which variety of healthy meats, seafood and vegetables are best to eat while on the ketogenic diet. Many exercise enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes worry about how the ketogenic diet will affect their strength, stamina, and muscle mass. Not only is the ketogenic diet a viable option for these people, but it can actually boost your stamina and help you reach your goals. You will learn how to effectively use the ketogenic diet whether you are an amateur athlete or bodybuilder pro.You will acquire all the information you need as well as a plan to get you started and walk you through the process. In this book, we provide you with a twenty-one-day menu plan, as well as twenty ketogenic recipes to get you well on your way to success.In this book you will find:The differences among the three types of ketogenic dietsThe science behind the ketogenic dietThe importance of nutrients Using the ketogenic diet to treat multiple types of illnesses, whether it's epilepsy, cancer, type II diabetes, or Alzheimer's diseasePossible side effects of the ketogenic dietHow to combine the ketogenic diet and exerciseHow to use the ketogenic diet and bodybuilding together to reach your goalsWhat you can and cannot eat on keto A 21-day meal plan20 delicious recipes to get you started! And much more…Scroll to the top of the page and click the buy now button!