You're Fat Based Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: A Goodie for Those You Love

You're Fat Based Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: A Goodie for Those You Love


They'll bust a gut over this one (pun intended)

If you are open-minded about giving perhaps the funniest gift at the party then this book could be just what you are looking for! Everybody is freaking out over this Ketogenic Diet and for good reason...It works and you can eat almost all you want.  However, there is yet to be a legit ketogenic diet cookbook that truly brings the goods...and oils.  You are probably thinking “That cover is so rude, I could never give that to a friend!”  Well, what kind of friend doesn’t step in when their friend starts to look like a Walrus? No friend at all if you ask me! Sometimes you just need to come out and say “You’re Fat...and I’m here to help.”Our Dirty Girl Cookbook is here to save be the messenger to that friend that could lose a few lbs. You’re Welcome!

Who you can give it to as a present:

  • Mr. Beer Gut - He used to be so fit.  What happened to him?  Be a good friend and give him a nudge
  • You know who - yeah... her.  She needs it and we both know it.
  • Mr. Skinny Fat - He's not super fat but still can't get skinny no matter how hard he tries.
  • Finally, your married friends with kids! - They need all the help they can get.

No gift will make your loved ones smile like our Dirty Girl Cookbook.  Watching their face as they open it up will be worth it many times over.  You will never forget the laughter shared together.  That is what gift giving is all about!  Our Dirty Girl Cookbook recipes bring families together.

  • P.S: This book is also perfect for a white elephant gift, secret Santa gift or Yankee swap exchange or just an old-fashioned gag gift.
  • P.S.S: For my men out there, this is a great gift for the wife, her, or girlfriend or any women whom you want to impress.